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My name is Fernando Sarmiento

I started InTouch because it was something I wish I had in college. To share a little bit about me I am a 23 year old recent Mechanical Engineering graduate from ASU. I have experience working for Amazon, Tesla, and other companies that have allowed me to learn strong management skills. I am happy to bring my experience and develop this tool for university students. To learn more about me click the button below!

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About Us

InTouch is a revolutionary mobile app founded in 2022 to support university students develop their networks. We understand that university students often miss out on the diverse groups of people and resources available to them due to a lack of networking experience. That’s why we have taken on the mission of making networking fun again, while helping to develop good networking habits. Our app makes it easy to connect with fellow students, professors, alumni and other networks across the university. Join us today, and start building your network!

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